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Cold appetizers  
Cheese plate 440=00
Meat plate  390=00
Salmon carpaccio in olive and lime marinade 300=00
Сarpaccio of beef tongue, apples and celery     350=00
Appetizers of tomatoes and   280=00
 Hot appetizers  

Snack from fillet of salmon and pike perch with spinach


Strudel with chicken and mushrooms

Eggplants with tomatoes and mozzarella   260=00

Tiger shrimps in potato chips and Salsa sauce 


Salad of arugula tiger shrimp and avocado

Roast beef salad, white mushrooms and tomatoes  360=00

Salad with pears, strawberries bacon, and cheese d’ or blue


Caesar salad with chicken

Olivier salad with chicken and tiger shrimps  270=00

Greek Salad 

Salad with mozzarella Buffallo 280=00
Main dishes  
Salmon fillet with tomatoes and cheese Ricotta and cheese Ricotta 510=00
Pork with meat specialities   480=00
Rack of lamb with Salsa sauce 750=00
Ribeye steak on the grill 380=00
Medallions of beef or horse meat 630=00
Side dishes  
Potato baked with cheese 100=00
Grilled vegetables 150=00
Mushrooms grilled 150=00
Apple strudel  120=00
Cheese cake 150=00
Tiramisu 150=00
Strawberry in white or dark chocolate   150=00


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